Hey there, I'm Abhishek Saini, known as FlareXes. I'm a Software Engineer and Cyber Security enthusiast. For the past six years, I've been deeply immersed in the world of technology, constantly improving my skills and exploring new horizons.

My journey began with a passion for coding, and since then, I've evolved into a versatile professional who doesn't just write code, but crafts solutions that are secure, optimized, and well-designed.

I've designed APIs, built robust backend services and and seamlessly integrated AI/ML models. Leveraging containerization technologies, I've delivered sophisticated consumer-grade products.

In my spare moments away from technical stuff, I enjoy sharing my insights on various tech topics through articles and presentations. Contributing back to the community in this way allows me to engage with others and latest trends.

So, I design Secure products and Hack insecure once (and report them, of course).